Women’s dreams of far lands

CHEBAKOV (to himself):
“This is just a dream… lasting for twelve years. Wake up and recover. The train. I’m going to Sochi… ”

Vadim Chebakov is a successful financial expert, who graduated from the country’s top university, is sent by his boss to another business trip to Sochi with a big amount of money accompanied by a guard. But Vadim tempted by his girlfriend Galya’s persuasions takes her with him since they have decided to spend some days by the sea. They pass a good time in a train coupe having a heart to heart talk and then… The guard being under the effect of sleeping peels goes to the south city alone. Meanwhile, Chebakov comes round at a small railway station. And the suitcase with the money has disappeared as well as Galya without leaving a trace. Since that moment Vadim is searched by police and security department of the company he worked in… This is the way Chebakov becomes a runaway having no ID, money or name. But still there is a hope and a goal which is to find Galya and those people with whom she has conceived and arranged this wicked crime.   

Thus Chebakov, a prosperous young man, who had everything – money, plans for the future, freedom and love, becomes a person with no name. Searching for Galya and her partner Vadim will follow traces of those people who betrayed him and hide from those who hunt at him.     
He will have to work in a building area, serve rich bandits, make new friends and launch his own company to earn the money he thinks he must return though he was not involved in its theft. Moreover, Vadim will be searching for Galya, he devotes himself to this goal wholeheartedly. The goal which will take away 12 years of his life…           

Trying to survive Vadim will have to change passports and legends, hide from bandits, flee abroad and stop communicating with his relatives. But he remains true to himself and will never renounce his principles of an honest and trustworthy person whose human dignity does not depend on money and circumstances he finds himself in.   

 Who and how conceived the crime? 

Who are his ex-girlfriend and her partner indeed?

Will he redeem his good name and return stolen money?  

Will he believe in love again?


Genre: criminal drama

Episodes: 12

Timeslot: Channel One

Available as: format and finished program