The Thirst

Kostia’s life is split in two. Before and after Chechnya. And it's not just the war, but the fact that during the last fight he was badly burned in a tank. His friends rescued him, pulled out of the tank, the doctors saved his life. But Kostya has no most of life: just he and his disfigured appearance. Now he lives alone, quenches the thirst with vodka and paints. Kostya is afraid of the world outside the window, as well as the world is afraid of Kostya. The disappearance of his war friend's Serega triggers a strange mechanism by which Kostya comes back to life. Together with friends, he rushes to find a missing friend. He sorts out relationship with his father, who left him as a child. He will realize that he is still needed in this world. His insatiable desire to live will be reflected in his drawings. 

Genre: drama 

Format: feature film 



A “Thirst” path: Kinotavr, Moscow, Warsaw and more…

A feature film “Thirst” (written by Andrey Gelasimov, directed by Dmitry Tyurin, a Russian World Studios production) was officially invited to take part in 29th Warsaw Film Festival (October 11-20, 2013.) 


“Thirst” in 24th Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr selection

“Thirst” is a screen version of a same name novel by a modern writer Andrey Gelasimov. It revolves around a principal character Kostya, who has become a voluntary anchoret and cut himself off the outside world completely. Kostya’s life has split in two parts – before and after Chechnya...