The Forgotten

1949. Sergey Gastev, a WWII veteran and a former detective, is a professor of Roman Law at a university in a regional city. He has a complicated love life having to hide very carefully his affair with Lyudmila, the city’s Communist Youth League (Komsomol) leader.

 The city is unexpectedly shocked by a number of brazen crimes. The City Committee urgently assembles a gang unit. No longer working as a detective, yet still a talented investigator, Gastev is attached to the crime investigation team. He is assisted by Ivan, a young countryside police officer.

 While investigating a robbery, Gastev and his assistant, trace a massive financial fraud connected to Stalin’s 70th anniversary. Gastev suspects that the woman he loves might be involved in the fraud. The more Gastev and Ivan investigate, the clearer it becomes that the tangled web of the crime leads to the very top and the characters are in mortal danger now.

Genre: drama 

Episodes: 4

Timeslot: Channel One

Available as: format and finished program