Ready Or Not, Here I Come, 2

Four years have passed. Demirov brothers keep on working at the same R department. Mikhail seems to settle down. He has been in relationship with his girlfriend for 2 years. Denis is happy in his family life too. The only thing saddening his life is lack of children. Olga wants to adopt a boy who got lost. Denis apparently supports her. Rita has to appeal to Demirov brothers for help – her step-father, doctor Vysotsky, went on a business trip to Moscow and didn’t come back. Rita tries to search for him herself hotfoot, but finally comes to R department for help. When it turns out that investigation is to be long, Rita accepts a proposal to get back to work at the department and search for her father during her spare time. But Rita doesn’t tell the brothers the whole truth – she gave birth to Denis’s daughter almost four years ago…


Genre: melodrama/detective

Episodes: 12

Timeslot: Channel One

Available as: format and finished program