The series is set both in Saint Petersburg with its numerous rivers, canals, bridges and beaches, and in the coastal waters of the Gulf of Finland. Staff Sergeant Igor Voloshin has been seconded for service to Saint Petersburg to help local water police. Once in a new place, he tries to demonstrate his skills in practice, to earn the respect of Captain Marinin and at the same time to win the favor of the third team member, lovely Oksana . Each episode is a separate story following the investigation of various incidents. The team will come across a drowned man who has decided to take revenge on his murderers, protect the city from a number of poisoning cases and find a common language with an unusual witness, a dog. Not a day of their busy life goes by without an adventure either at work or in personal life.



Genre: detective/ comedy 

Number of episodes: 8

Timeslot: Channel Ren TV

Available as: format and finished program