Victoria and her husband Vladimir, a graduate of the military school, go to a distant garrison. Young people are happy, they have a son. Frequent visitor to the family is a childhood friend of Victoria, Yuri, who has long been hopelessly in love with her.

 Due to dissolution of garrison, Volodya is discharged from the army, and he finds the contract work related to trips to Shahristan. One day he does not return from a trip, and Victoria learns that her husband has been missing in the mountains. And after a year her son also disappears. It becomes clear that the father is related to his abduction. Victoria together with Yuri goes to search for her son and husband to the East, Shahristan.

Having lived through many dangerous adventures, dramatic situations, risking her life, Victoria finds her relatives. But ... she will be a bitter disappointment - her husband had converted to Islam and does not want to go home. He wants his son to stay with him. Victoria is desperate.

 Will the heroine overcome the last, the most difficult obstacle and free her son? What will be her relationship with Yuri?



Genre: adventure Romance

Episodes: 8

Timeslot: Channel One

Available as: format and finished program





The most anticipated premiere: RWS series “Victoria” on Channel One

On January 21 at 9.30 pm the most anticipated new season premiere, “Victoria” TV series produced by Russian World Studios and directed by Andrey Dzhunkovsky, is to be broadcast. Main roles are played by Tatiana Arntgolts, Aleksandr Ratnikov, Sergey Peregudov.


Filming is Underway for ‘Viktoria’, a Series by Russian World Studios

Filming for the new production by Russian World Studios under the tentative title ‘Viktoria’ is in full swing on the RWS studio in St. Petersburg.