Vendetta in Russian (aka Goddaughter)

Based on the novel “Goddaughter” by Andrey Troitsky.

Moscow Criminal Intelligence detectives, captain Yuri Devyatkin and Panteley Evdokimov, investigate a number of contract killings not knowing they deal with redistribution of influence spheres between Russian and Uzbek drug lords – Oleinik and Batyrov.

Oleinik uses Zubov, a principal of the flight school, whose daughter Galina got killed due to Batyrov’s fault, as a weapon in this conflict. The flight instructor is helped in effecting his revenge by his relative, an ex-special forces soldier Sukhanov. Galina was Sukhanov’s goddaughter. Elena Panova, a journalist, joins them against her will. Being a flight school student she oversees Zubov and Sukhanov loading weapons on the plane. She fails to overcome her curiosity and gets onboard to learn about preparations for revenge, but she doesn’t have time to get off the plane – it secretly flies to Uzbekistan through two borders.

All three find themselves involved in mafia conflicts - they are hunted not by Batyrov’s assistants alone, but by Uzbek special forces too. On the way to the drug lord’s cove lost in desserts, the avengers have to survive many deathly hazardous adventures. After locating Batyrov’s cove, Zubov, Sukhanov and Lena start a real bomb attack. Will they manage to destroy they drug lord? Will Devyatkin and Evdokimov manage to discover a drug trafficking chain? Or Oleinik who initiated that redistribution is going to avoid responsibility?


Directed by: Oleg Turansky

Written by: Valentin Donskov

Director of photography: Eduard Melnikov

Production designer: Victor Dergachev

Produced by Yuri Sapronov, Dmitry Meskhiev, Andrey Smirnov

A Russian World Studios Production

Year: 2010

Episodes: 8

Cast: Evgeniya Loza, Nikolay Dobrynin, Mitya Labush, Konstantin Soloviev, Anatoly Zhuravlev, Aleksandr Tyutin, Aleksandr Samoilenko, Vladimir Yakovlev (II), Mikhail Polisteimako, Vitaly Alshansky, Ivan Agapov, Ramil Sabitov, Sergey Belogolovtsev, Oleg Filipchik, Farkhad Makhmudov, Sergey Veksler, Stepan Samoilenko, Andrey Stoyanov, Irina Chipizhenko, Yuri Shlykov, Vladimir Maysuradze, Evgeniya Dmitrieva, David Tkebuchava, Nikolay Korobov, Grigory Baranov, Vladimir Kuznetsov (IV), Andrey Batukhanov, Vladimir Kapustin (III)


Genre: criminal, thriller