Ivan Ryazanov and Vasilisa are in love. But they were not destined to be together – he is a gentleman, and she is a serf peasant. Probably this love story would have ended if not a devastating event – the WAR. Napoleon invaded the Russian Empire, and that day changed everything – the common life, class prejudices, ordinary human behavior.  

From now on the world will never be the same. Now there will be blood and death, betrayal and heroic deeds. But this crucible opens to Vasilisa the opportunity to become herself. She becomes the head of the guerrilla unit, and Ivan Ryazanov risking his life takes part in the military operations of the regular army. Step by step, Vasilisa and Ivan are getting closer to each other and their true love. War is writing a new history of their relationship. Winning the war becomes victory of love.

Genre: historical drama

Format: feature film 



RWS Has Started Filming for ‘Vasilisa Kozhina’, an Epic Drama

Russian World Studios, a leading Russian production and studio company, has started principal photography for four-episode feature ‘Vasilisa Kozhina’...