Love Formula

Tatiana has devoted her entire life to her husband and on Denis; so when her son before his wedding gets drunk and hits a pedestrian, Tatiana takes the blame upon herself and is sentenced to a penal settlement. Tatiana’s husband and son take her gesture for granted. Denis’s wedding goes without Tatiana. Being unprepared for a hard physical labor Tatiana become a mock. Tatiana survives because of another prisoner Arkady’s support, the only one who defends her. Tatiana’s husband and son seem to be engaged in their everyday life and forget about her… And Tatiana realizes that she doesn’t want to get back home to her egoistic husband and infantile son… and she cannot imagine her life without Arkady. But Tatiana has to decide before her release – she suddenly learns about her early parole…


Genre: romance

Episodes: 8

Timeslot: Channel One

Available as: format and finished program