Smart, beauty

Imagine that Anna Karenina story has been transferred to a modern-day setting.

What are the heroes like and how do they act in the contemporary context? What kind of troubles can make a smart, beautiful and successful woman throw herself under a train? Fatal passion, infidelity of a loved one, separation from her son...

But set in the XXI century, the classic story will have an unexpected outcome.

Sonya Golovina is a true spoilt child of fortune. She lives in Saint Petersburg and has everything one can dream of; a rich husband, a precious son, a high social status and an interesting job.

Two men love Sonya: her husband Alexei Golovin, the head of the St. Petersburg Academy and Alexei Knyazev (Valeri Nikolayev), a plastic surgeon from Moscow. Both of them are intelligent and successful…

The times Leo Tolstoy described are long gone and it seems that the world has drastically changed. Nevertheless, Sonya Golovina repeats Anna Karenina’s fate.


Genre: drama series

Episodes: 4

Timeslot: Channel One

Available as: format and finished program