God plans

Nastya Svetlova is not an ordinary woman. She is the surrogate mother with the experience. And at the beginning of our history, she gives birth to another child for another family. Deliveries were very hard, and Nastya realizes that now she wants to give birth to only one child – but for herself. However, the doctor tells her that she will never be able to have children. Nastya is in shock. The shock is so great that she decides to commit suicide. As a result, on the bridge, from which Nastya wants to make his last step, she is together with Anton. Anton also has reasons to commit suicide – he lost his beloved wife. However, unexpectedly, the two of them find a reason to live. Nastya decides to see all of her children, and Anton is going to help her find them. Meeting with children bring joy to Nastya besides the frustrations and pain. Her destiny will present yet another blow - Anton will scandalous journalist who gathers material for the next reporting, the heroine of which must be Anastasia. But Nastya will manage to overcome all the difficulties, to find a family and a woman's happiness.


Genre: melodrama

Number of episodes: 4

Timeslot: Channel One

Available as: format and finished program