Such an ordinary life

Stasya kidnaps her son from a French husband and returns to Russia where she hasn’t been for more than ten years. Her mother Tatyana lets her in for a single night only. She can’t forgive Stasya for disappearance and betrayal. Stasya had literally robbed her friends Larisa and Irina and had taken a huge loan with her mother’s apartment as a deposit.

Stasya has nowhere to go and asks Larisa  for help. Larisa can’t but help Stasya and her son Maksim and takes them home bringing even more troubles into her already stressful relations with her husband Gleb. Gleb leaves home and upset Larisa turns to the man who can understand and support her. The man is Dmitry, an old friend of Larisa, who has been loving her for many years. Being succumbed to the impulse, Larisa spends a night with Dmitry. Later she regrets it.

The elder son of Larisa, Egor is a handsome guy, who loves speed cars. Liza loves him but Egor has feelings for her mother Irina, his mother’s friend. That lonely woman has devoted all her life to daughter and her paralyzed aunt Ada. Unexpectedly passionate feelings rise between Egor and Irina, which they have to cover, for not to shock Larisa.

Soon Larisa meets Katya. Larisa forgets her wallet in a shop and Katya picks it. Despite having no job or place to live Katya returns the wallet to Larisa. Katya is nearly an orphan. Her stepfather lives in her apartment and she doesn’t want to return there. Larisa finds out about Katya’s life situation and offers her to stay in her place. By the quirk of fate Katya turns out to know Dmitry. He meets her and unexpectedly makes her an offer, trying to forget Larisa.

When Gleb finds out about Larisa and Dmitry, he moves to his father Andrian Meanwhile Larisa finds out that she is pregnant.

Stasya’s husband Serzh arrives to Moscow. He desperately loves his son and is ready for everything to return Maksim. He bribes a lawyer, who replaces Stasya’s marriage contract, leaving her nearly no chance to sue her son back. Stasya decides to escape with her son Maksim.

Larisa has financial problems. She has to sell her hairdressing salon, but stays there on the position of director.

Irina is fired from her research institute. The head of laboratory Hohlova wants to grab all the results of her scientific research. Egor protects Irina, pressing Hohlova and Irina is back in state. Nevertheless Hohlova plots against Irina using her ex-husband Hohlov, Irina’s friend. Hohlov loves Irina but she has never loved him back.

Katya lives a very strange life with Dmitry. She accepts the strange feelings Dmitry has to Larisa while Dmitry takes Katya for granted with a simple condition – no relatives, kids or pets. Dmitry is afraid of affections. Katya has younger sister Anya but she can’t take her to her new home. Anya lives in the orphan house where her and Katya’s mother used to work nearly illegally. Only the old lady, Maria Ivanovna, takes care of her.

Irina is worried about her and Egor’s future, but she can not withstand the feelings she didn’t have since she was much younger. Irina is extremely afraid that Larisa or Liza may find out about their relations. Ada knows about her romance and supports Irina, having her own reasons for it. When Irina was pregnant from Timur, his mother had visited Ada and told her that she’d never let her son get married with Irina. Ada has cheated her niece telling her that Timur died being in the army service.

 Stasya and Maksim leave the city. In the road café the men sent by Serzh’s lawyer puts sleeping pills in Stasya’s coffee. Stasya gets in a car accident. Stasya is alive but Maksim is taken away from the place of an accident by Philipp, the ex-lover of Stasya. Once Stasya had a become a witness of a murder in which Philipp was told to be somehow involved and Stasya was afraid of him for many years since then. Now he helps her but Stasya isn’t sure she can trust him...

After serious doubts Larisa decides to keep the child but only her best friends know about it. Her father-in-law, Andrian manages to persuade Gleb to come back to Larisa. The partners reunite for a while, until Gleb finds out that Larisa is pregnant from Dmitry.

On her sixteenth birthday Lisa occasionally discovers her mother’s romance with Egor and leaves. She is supported by Sashka, the younger son of Larisa and Egor’s brother, who loves her. He asks his friends for assistance. Sashka had some business with them and now owns them a large amount of money as a card debt. Sashka even steals money from his mother to pay out the debt, but his fellows need not money but, actually, his talents – Sashka has invented the device, turning the car alarm off. They give him the apartment as an exchange for helping them in hijacking. During one of the crimes Sashka is left alone with a woman dying on his hands. The woman stays alive but her husband, who now knows the truth demands Sashka to bring his car back.

Sofya – Dmitry’s sister, rushes into their life as a hurricane. She has arrived to Moscow for a medical consultation and she is sure that Katya stays with Dmitry only for his money. Trying to prove it Sofya uncovers Katya’s double life. She finds the apartment Katya has rented for Anya and Maria Ivanovna. Sofya threatens Katya to tell Dmitry about the flat but soon the medical examination shows that she has cancer and…Katya becomes the first person who gives Sofya support.

Ada persuades Liza to make peace with her mother and occasionally informs her that her father is alive. Liza finds Timur for to make him and her mother reunite. Even though Timur is married and Irina has Egor they are not indifferent to each other.

Stasya and Maksim live with Philipp. After some time they decide to get married. Unexpectly Philipp’s sister Vera turns out to be against this marriage. She knows that after the wound Philipp has had he has the uncontrollable paroxysms of rage.

Larisa also unexpectedly discovers her son’s romance with Irina. Her relations with her friends get spoiled. Larisa tries to bring Egor to mind but he seriously struggles for his love. Larisa gets to the hospital with a risk of miscarriage.

Meanwhile Gleb is attracted with his trainee, Maria…

Genre: melodrama

Episodes: 45

Timeslot: Domashny

Available as: format and finished program