Forensic scientists

“Forensic scientists”, the new television series, has recently commenced filming in Moscow. The judge, the lawyer and the public prosecutor are all individuals who play major roles in court. It would seem, the destiny of the accused depends on them. However, there is a person in the shadows, without which it is impossible to pass the sentence. It is a medical expert who has the deciding vote and on whom the final judgment depends. The movie represents the dignity of this profession, amongst other deep human causes. Andrei Petrovsky is a hereditary judicial medical expert. His father was not only a famous pathologist, but also an author of medical textbooks, and a highly respected doctor. While working in the forensic medicine bureau, Andrei finds that his honesty and devotion gradually earn him the respect and trust of the prosecutors at court. But besides his work, the protagonist is also passionate in his private life. Even though his girlfriend Rita works in the same bureau, she is married to a successful businessman and the father of her 8-years old son. Suddenly, Rita’s world turns upside down as her husband appears in prison on charge of murder. Now there is a serious moral conflict and both Rita and her lover understand that it only takes one word to free or condemn the suspect. Finally, Andrei arranges his own investigation, reveals the truth and proves the unquestionable innocence of his girlfriend’s husband.


Genre: detective

Number of episodes: 8

Available as: format and finished program