The Accidental Witness

Detective Volgin is investigating the assassination attempt on Maria Lyalina when he learns that she has died in hospital. Suddenly an accidental witness of the assassination attempt visits prosecutor’s office, testifies and helps to construct a facial composite of the criminal. The facial composite is the spitting image of Pavel Borskoy, Maria’s fiancé. Pavel’s mother, Angelina, owns a beauty clinic. The evidence is against Pavel but he doesn’t admit guilt. It turns out that Maria is alive; she has escaped from hospital and is hiding in a convent. Praskovya, the convent’s abbess, visits Volgin. The detective meets Maria and she tells him her incredible story. Maria was living with Pavel and Angelina, who, as it turned out later, was his adoptive mother. Maria was pregnant and they planned to get married when one day she caught her fiancé in bed with Angelina. Maria went into premature labor, the baby disappeared and her life was attempted at. She ended up in the convent. Will the detective be able to untangle the twists and turns of this story and puzzle out the dubious evidence of the accidental witness? Will the missing child be found? And finally, who will turn out to be the bad guy?


Genre: detective 

Episodes: 8

Timeslot: Channel Russian One

Available as: format and finished program