Maria’s heart

Whose chest is it beating in now? Maria gave her heart to Mikhail long ago but a long-awaited wedding day is marked by a tragedy. On their way back from the ceremony the newlyweds crash and a couple of hours later doctors in hospital pronounce the young woman dead. Lisa, who is Maria’s age, is living on borrowed time in another hospital. She urgently needs a heart transplant. The news on the donor comes in time and Maria’s heart starts beating in the chest of the girl who’s been considered doomed. Her heart deeply in love with Mikhail seems to be seeking the man of her choice even a year after the car crash, when the widower meets Lisa by chance. Quite unexpectedly for both young people, an intense feeling sparks between them. Neither Maria’s memory still lingering in Mikhail’s heart nor Lisa’s marriage seems to be able to prevent them from being together. But one phone call destroys their budding romantic relationship. An anonymous person says that Maria was killed; someone entered her ward and switched off her life support machine on purpose. Although Mikhail has no idea who got his late wife’s heart, he suspects that it was the purpose of the murder. Upon learning who got the heart transplant he accuses his new beloved one saying that Maria was killed in order to save her. Now astonished Lisa has the only way to save her love, that is to launch her own investigation. The secret she is to unveil will become a severe test for both of them.


Genre: Romance

Episodes: 40+

Timeslot: Channel One

Available as: format and finished program