Made in USSR

“Made in USSR” is a chronicle of three generations of the Shishkov family set in the USSR in 1970s, the time of nonconformity and dissidence when only a handful of people still believed in slogans shouted from rostrums and those who held true to the communist ideals did it mostly out of habit or fear. The footage of that epoch will illustrate one chapter of an encyclopedia of Soviet life, the story of the Shishkov family.

Forced to move from the country to Moscow, the Shishkov family are having a hard time adapting to their new life, each generation having to deal with its own problems. The head of the household, Ivan, full Cavalier of the Order of Glory (has all the degrees of the order awarded for bravery and thus is entitled to various benefits), and his wife, Maria, undergo an ordeal of humiliation trying to join a housing cooperative. But the joy of finally getting a long-awaited apartment is clouded by the collapse of their daughter’s family. Tatyana has decided to leave her husband, Vladimir Fertman, a surgeon who has been fired, blacklisted and virtually forced to immigrate to Israel. This, of course, doesn’t fail to affect the family members who are left behind. Their son, Yuri Fertman, European junior boxing champion, is being forced to take his mother’s last name; otherwise he will be expelled from the Soviet boxing team. Shishkovs’ second son, Grigori, while serving as a military adviser in Angola has been injured, and now has to live on a tiny disability pension. At the same time, the youngest son, Andrei, effortlessly enters a Moscow university as a candidate member of the Communist Party. Despite his total indifference to the ideas of communism, he starts pursuing a young communist career.

The Shishkov family’s ups and downs are shown against the backdrop of the events the whole country will go through with its global successes and ordeals, with everything that will be remembered as “Made in USSR.”

Genre: drama

Episodes: 16

Timeslot: Channel Russian One

Available as: format and finished program