Pasha, the lucky devil

Life’s often been so good to him that he’s started to take it for granted. But when the destiny’s smile turns into an evil sneer, 30-year-old Pavel (Pasha) Golubtsov, an ex-spoilt child of fortune, will lose everything, his business project, a luxurious apartment and a beautiful girlfriend, Marina, in a blink. The day before an office party that has been arranged to celebrate the success of Pasha’s project, he fiercely argues that marriage is an outdated institution. Marina hides her hurt feelings at three years of futile hopes of marrying him. But when they pick up a woman to give her a lift home, Marina will hear more cruel words. The woman, who turns out to be a prostitute, tells her, “We have little time left…” In less than an hour, offended Marina will get on a snowmobile of Andrei, who has been envious of Pasha for ages, and will die in a crash. Pasha won’t be able to forgive either himself for that fateful conversation or his college mate for the death of the woman he loved. If Andrei had taken injured Marina to hospital in time, she could have lived. Enraged Pasha attacks him. But thanks to his influential father Andrei won’t be sentenced for the failure to assist Marina leaving Pavel to bear the brunt of the punishment. In three years spent in a prison settlement Golubtsov will lose everything, the mother he adored who will die grieving for her son, his promising job, the apartment that will go towards the repayment of his loans. A country house he bought right before the disastrous trip will be his only refuge at this new stage of his life, not as happy and carefree as it used to be. Pavel will come across three daughters of that prostitute who died soon after their encounter. He will take the girls away from their tyrant father to take care of them in spite of a hard time he is going through. Having no money, he will have to take up a new job and struggle for a place in the sun in a hostile city. But fate has had enough fun with Pavel and now has a present for him, the one he deserves, a wonderful woman who will share his house and care for the girls.


Genre: melodrama

Episodes: 12

Timeslot: Channel TVC

Available as: format and finished program