The main character is an "Ambulance" doctor, Oleg Samarin. Friends and colleagues call him Samara. He is a rebel and an upstart. He argues with the boss, lets jokes of colleagues and patients, and breaks all the rules and regulations! But Samara gets away with it. He is a surgeon from the God! Every day, Samara and his team (paramedic Lena and driver Mihalich) help people. Oleg’s patients are the colorful gallery of characters and fates, sometimes tragic, sometimes funny and ridiculous. Samara has a secret that he hides from all. If this secret will be known, Samara will lose the most important thing in life – his work! But, as saying goes, every secret becomes clear one day...




Genre: drama/comedy and detective elements

Episodes: 14

Timeslot: Channel Russian One

Available as: format and finished program 



The RWS Film Company presents “Samara” TV Series in Ukraine

An RWS TV Series “Samara” will be first run on STB Channel (Ukraine.) The series follows a story of ambulance doctors with Artur Smoliyaninov as a male lead...