A red-headed talented girl Tasya from a provincial town N dreams of becoming a famous pianist. She studies at a music school and waits for a final concert, because she believes deep down in her heart that she will be invited to study at Gnesinka. Her mom enthusiastically helps her daughter prepare for the concert and doesn’t have a slightest idea that this event will end up a tragedy for Tasya.

Boris Okunev, a spoiled and wealthy musician, and his band “To the touch” come to the town where our heroine lives. Drunk boys meet Tasya on a street and take her brief case with sheet music away; they throw it back and forth to each other. The girl rushes to take her brief case back. When struggling Boris pushes her so hard that she falls down and loses conscience. And then it turns out that Tasya went blind…


Genre: melodrama

Number of episodes: 171

Timeslot: Channel STS

Available as: format and finished program