Untangling knots

A merciless hitman Victor Pertsev runs away during a crime scene reenactment and now Yuri Devyatkin, a detective at MUR, Moscow Criminal Investigation Department, who let him sneak away, must find the fugitive no matter what.

Against Devyatkin’s wish Pantelei Evdokimov, an intern from the Ministry of Internal Affairs Academy, has been assigned to help him. Devyatkin and Evdokimov represent modern Zheglov and Sharapov . While Devyatkin lives by unwritten rules, Evdokimov sticks to law.

They manage to find out that a hardened criminal Pertsev has only one weakness, he is overwhelmed with passion for a popular singer Valentina Dunaeva. A two-year ardent love affair is over and Pertsev using threats and blackmailing tactics is trying to make Dunaeva come back to him and leave for abroad.
Meanwhile Oleg Petrushin, Dunaeva’s brother, considered a serial killer gets released from a Krasnodar pre-trial detention center due to the lack of evidence. One of the victim’s father kills Petrushin.

Dunaeva is well aware that if the media learns about her kinship with the murderer, her career will be over. The singer hires a lawyer Radchenko to prove her brother’s innocence.

Devyatkin, Evdokimov and Radchenko are to untangle a variety of dark secrets and dubious affairs, survive in a drug lord’s confinement and cope with extreme perils in order to fulfill their duty. What will the outcome of the last struggle between Devyatkin and Pertsev be? Will Dunaeva manage to recover her popularity? And who made a tattoo on behalf of the late Petrushin?

The TV series shooting will take place in Moscow and in the most picturesque lagoons of the Krasnodar Krai. Thrilling and elaborately choreographed stunts, fires and explosions will make the picture spectacular.

Cast: Aleksandr Naumov, Elena Korikova, Andrei Barilo, Yevgeni Antropov, Aleksandr Makogon, Mikhail Gorevoy, Kirill Kyaro, Aleksandr Sirin, Yuri Shlykov, Ivan Agapov, Yuri Nifontov, Leonid Timtsunik 

Genre: Detective/ Psychological drama

Episodes: 8