The film follows a story about fidelity to own vocation and family traditions. As well as about fidelity to the country, duty and military oath; about woman’s fidelity to husbands, men’s fidelity to beloved women; about fidelity to friends and companions in arms. This is a story about naval officers, their wives and children; about life and death in submarines, little town and a big country. This is a story telling us how difficult it is to be a man and bear a woman’s and mother’s cross; how sons follow their fathers going to war or become traitors. And this is a saga about eternal values such as faith, hope and love. A little northern town may be both a departure point for submarines floating in the high seas and a point for drug trafficking, both a starting point for thousand ways and a dead end. Everything depends on a choice as ever which is to be made by the characters. This little northern town is full of the same passions as the rest of the world. Fathers and mothers raise their children. The boys will grow up; one of them will die on his action post, another one will die of a drug overdose, two other will undergo terrible ordeals but stay alive and win. And medals, faithful wives and children who will become their new turn of life will be their awards… in this little northern town.


Genre: drama

Episodes: 8

Timeslot: Channel Russian One

Available as: format and finished program