The Road to Calvary

The year of 1914, people of Saint-Petersburg live in anticipation of something terrible and irreversible to come. Young and innocent Darya Bulavina arrives in Saint-Petersburg from Samara to study law and stays in her elder sister Ekaterina’s house. Ekaterina is married to a famous lawyer Nikolay Smokovnikov. 

The Smokovnikovs have a salon at home, lots of flossy people of art come to spend time there. A poet Aleksey Bessonov is one of them. Darya is attracted to a vicious poet and doesn’t know that her beloved sister has already cheated on her husband with Bessonov. When Darya finds it out she convinces her sister to confess. As a consequence the marrieds separate: Ekaterina leaves to France, Nikolay goes to the Crimea. A kind and honest engineer Ivan Telegin lives on the Vasilevskiy island. He rents half of his apartment to very weird young people who organize futuristic parties. Darya comes to one of such parties and immediately falls for Ivan.   In summer Darya goes to visit her father – doctor Bulavin – and accidentally bumps into Ivan Telegin on a ship. Ivan got fired from the plant where he worked at because of the strike. It is obvious there is a strong chemistry between the young people. Darya takes her father’s advice and goes to the Crimea to talk Smokovnikov into making up with his wife. As Telegin unexpectedly appears in the Crimea. He declares love to Darya and says good-bye to her – he goes to fight in the First World War. 

Darya and Ekaterina who’s just returned from France work in hospital. Smokovnikov reunites with his wife. He brings home a skinny shaved captain Vadim Roshchin who immediately falls in love with Ekaterina who doesn’t love him back: Ekaterina is a married woman even though she doesn’t love her husband. From a newspaper the sisters find out that the warrant officer Ivan Telegin has gone missing. 

Darya is desperate. She doesn’t know yet that Ivan escaped the concentration camp, got caught and transferred to a tower, to an isolation cell and then another concentration camp. Telegin is sentenced to death but manages to successfully escape again. Ivan finally gets to Moscow but can’t stay there with Darya for too long. Telegin has to urgently travel to the Baltic plant in Saint-Petersburg. 

There he witnesses the conspirators throwing Grigory Rasputin’s body into the water. The February revolution breaks before his very eyes. Telegin goes to Moscow, he marries Darya and together they move to Saint-Petersburg.

Within a short space of time Saint-Petersburg has turned into a cold and starving city, the people who live there are now on the road to Calvary. Pregnant Darya gets attacked by the street mobsters and has a premature labor, the baby boy dies in three days. Darya, grief-stricken, can’t get over her pain and asks Telegin to leave. As Ivan goes to serve in the Red Army. Ekaterina’s husband who has now become the Commissioner of the interim government is very eager to go to the war where he gets killed by resentful soldiers. Ekaterina is stunned but loyal Vadim Roshchin is there to comfort her.  This is the premises of the story of heavy fates, sometimes hanging between life and death. This is the story of tragic chapters of the Russian history.   The four protagonists will break through the trench lines, betrayals and humiliations, disappointment and experience true love. With honor and hope they will eventually pull through. They will realize that peace is inside their hearts and love is what truly matters.


Genre: historical drama 

Length: 12 x 60 min 

Timeslot: primetime 

Available as: finished program