Dog’s Paradise

This story is set in Moscow in the summer of 1953, and takes place in the courtyard of a large apartment building. 
One morning, Tanya, an eleven-year old girl living there, meets a boy, Mitya. 
Mitya and his family have just returned from exile in the Russian Far East, and have moved into the same building. 
Tanya learns that Mitya had to leave behind his best friend, a wonderful dog called Hector. Mitya is eager for Hector to join him in Moscow, but the adults declare it impossible – a large city is no place for a dog.
Tanya has her own reasons for wanting the dog to come. Outside the yard, where children are not allowed to go by themselves, there is a café for ‘children with dogs only’ . Tanya imagines all kinds of delicious things there – sweets for children, bones for dogs… If only they had a dog, they would finally be allowed to leave the yard and visit this amazing café…
In an attempt to prove the adults wrong and convince them to bring over Hector, Mitya and Tanya decide to create the perfect home for him – a dog’s paradise in an empty sealed room they find in the building…
In order to furnish Hector’s new home, the children borrow things they think their neighbours won’t miss. They take only junk, but each disappearing object turns out to be of enormous value to its owners. An old thermos  flask is an artefact of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, a wooden box is a military relic, and a tiger skin turns out to have been a gift from a heroine of the Spanish Civil War…
During their adventures, Tanya discovers more and more about Mitya’s family – things that even Mitya himself doesn’t know: why they were sent to exile, why they stubbornly insist  on celebrating the New Year in the middle of the summer, and how Mitya became an orphan with his parents still alive. 
She says nothing to Mitya. She knows that the truth can be hurtful, and that sometimes lies are necessary to protect a person. Tanya grows up quickly, but while her childhood comes to an end, Mitya’s is still in full swing, as he prepares for the arrival of Hector, who – as Tanya has learned – has died of grief after the boy’s departure. Again, she tells Mitya nothing.
The dog’s paradise is ready, but Tanya has  to leave. Her parents are sent to work abroad and she is placed in a boarding school. Mitya runs after the car as it drives Tanya away into the distance. He promises that when Hector arrives, they will find her, for sure...


Genre: drama

Feature film






Movies Go West: Zhazhda/Thirst to take part in “Baltic Debuts” competition, Sobachiy Rai/Dog’s Paradise – in “Window to Europe”

“Baltic Debuts” Xth International Film Festival opened in Svetlogorsk City the day before yesterday. A Russian movie selected is Thirst directed by Dmitry Tyurin. German, Danish, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, and Estonian titles compete with each other...