Truth Hides the Lie

This detective story is based on real events which took place in Greece in the 1990s. During the legal investigation of a prominent hitman Alexander Solonik who escaped from Russia and changed his appearance it turned out that Russian mafia had already been controlling a significant share of local business in Greece and Cyprus; the mafia godfathers tried to ensure the ways to escape in case of criminal proceedings in Russia. The writers were consulted by the person who was directly involved in the events but who wanted to remain anonymous… Kirill Valuev used to work as a detective. Due to his adherence to principles he had to leave the police. Being persistent and honest Valuev prevented his bosses from running shady business. Darya, a young and beautiful woman, an oligarch’s widow, asks Kirill for help shortly after him leaving the police. Her husband has been murdered and now she is being hunted at. Darya asks Kirill to investigate the circumstances surrounding her husband’s death and protect her from pursuers… Kirill takes on a new case and uncovers an international criminal network which helped Russian criminal godfathers to avoid prosecution. The gang staged the deaths of the criminal leaders and assisted them with getting out to Cyprus, with appearance change plastic surgeries, supplied with new identity documents for fugitive godfathers to start a new life. A new life with the old rules. Undergoing dangerous adventures, struggles with international mafia, love sparked between the detective and his client, disappointments, hopes and finally a happy end are in store for the characters.


Genre: Detective

Episodes: 8

Timeslot: Russian One

Available as: format and finished program