Fate’s gift

The series follows the story of modern-day women whose lives become intricately interlaced. Marina Rakitina, a bright personality and a famous television reporter, leaves her husband, a popular actor, Oleg Klyuchevsky. In a couple of weeks an accident occurs; Oleg falls off a set decoration during a play and slips into a coma. Media accuses Marina of the accident turning her life into hell. In the hospital, she meets a neurological surgeon, Sasha, and falls in love with him. Katya Shmeleva, a single woman lacking necessary life skills, works as a fine art expert at a poverty-stricken museum. On her father’s funeral day she picks up a beaten and bleeding hobo Grisha at a junkyard. Grisha is somehow connected with what has happened to Oleg Klyuchevsky. After that accident Grisha who used to be a nondrinker went on his first drinking spree. Katya realizes that she is the only person who is able to help Grisha to get back to normal life. Katya’s boss and friend, Yulya Kondrashova, is a strong woman with her fantasies and illusions long forgotten after her first boyfriend, Sergei Sinitsyn, married her men-crazy neighbor woman. Yulya is quite satisfied with her current relationship with a handsome young stripper. After fifteen years, Sergei and Yulya meet again. Each heroine will have to make every effort so that all the trials could someday turn into a gift of fate.


Genre: melodrama

Number of episodes: 20

Timeslot: Channel Russian-1

Available as: format and finished program