Break Away

In 1947, Aleksei Mitrokhin comes to the post-war Moscow to visit his friend Argunov, a former battalion commander, who saved him from execution during the war. It turns out that the commander has been convicted for 25 years and is now serving his sentence in a high security prison camp. Mitrokhin decides to make a daring attempt to get his friend out of there at all costs…


Mitrokhin feigns an assassination attempt on Stalin and is sent for 25 years to the highest security camp Lazo, in Karelia. At last, in a bunkhouse he is reunited with his ex-commander. “I’ve come for you, commander,” is the only thing he tells Argunov.


No one has ever escaped from Lazo. The prison camp borders with a lake to the north and the south side is surrounded by barbed wire. At first, Aleksei’s escape plan seems like a crazy idea but then it turns out that before the war he studied in a hydraulic engineering college and undertook an internship at the place where Lazo is located. Aleksei comes up with an almost impossible scheme: to escape using floating peat islands. 


The characters not only do the impossible and escape from the most heavily guarded prison camp in the Soviet Union. They defy the Soviet totalitarian system, undermining it from within in the days of complete obedience and fear.


Genre: Drama

Number of episodes: 8

Created by: Ilya Rubinstein

Written by: Ilya Rubinstein, Valentin Emelyanov

Directed by: Sergey Popov

Director of photography: Yuri Shajgardanov

Produced by: Yuri Sapronov, Andrey Smirnov, Dmitriy Meskhiev

Cast: Igor Petrenko, Andrey Smolyakov, Kristina Kuzmina, Andrey Panin,

Nikolay Dobrynin, Vladimir Kolganov and others.