He is not too creative killing ladies of the evening according to the same pattern as Jack the Ripper who in 1888 systematically and cold-bloodedly killed prostitutes, clearing London of filth. What makes the killer from Petersburg do it? Does original Jack the Ripper’s ill fame make him restless or does the serial killer have his own motives?

Nikolai Troitsky, St. Petersburg GUVD (Main Department of Internal Affairs) detective, is striving to comprehend killer’s twisted logic and put an end to a series of violent and bloody murders. Seeing the indifference of the local police and their wish to wrap up the case as soon as possible, Troitsky launches his own detection, solving step by step this intricate puzzle. Zhanna Klemenko, a police reporter for a tabloid, is trying to do exactly the same. Very soon Zhanna's professional desire to ferret out an attention-grabber turns into sympathy for the tortured victims and a sincere wish to help Troitsky. The detective and the reporter join their efforts and start pursuing the serial killer who does not let them forget about his existence committing more and more murders every week. Nikolai’s incidental acquaintance, Mavrin, a scientist and expert in African culture, gives them a hand with the investigation deciphering a mysterious note carved in a murder weapon the detectives have got hold of. This note leads Troitsky to London’s Jack the Ripper and makes the motives of Petersburg killer clear.

While investigating, Troitsky and Zhanna make a terrifying discovery; the victims’ names bear certain resemblance to the names of the London victims. Back then the last victim was Marie Jeanette Kelly. This is exactly the name Zhanna has once chosen as her pen name.

Her and Troitsky’s friendship has turned into love and now that she is the killer’s next victim not only Zhanna’s life and this feeling is in real danger, too.


Genre: detective thriller

Episodes: 12

Timeslot: Channel One

Available as: format and finished program