The True Love

A wealthy lawyer, Andrey and aspiring journalist, Lena, each in own way, are unhappy in their personal life. Divorced Andrey incognito searches for a true love, because money spoils feelings. And Lena even does not think about love. She brings to light marriage scams, takes all men with suspicion, and believes that now no one will deceive her. But as the saying goes, love descends suddenly, and the "bad" Andrey will be not only the best one but also the beloved...


Genre: Romance, Comedy

Format: TV-movie

Written by: Andrew Romanoff.

Directed by: Sergei Popov.

Cast: Kristina Asmus, Ilya Noskov, Olga Tumaikina, Anna Ardova, Anna Ukolova, Daria Charusha, Alexei Grishin, Vitaly Haev, Timofei Tribuntsev, Arthur Vakh.



RWS Has Wrapped Filming for ‘True Love’

Two-episode TV movie has been filmed for Channel One.