On the edge of the world

To marry a foreigner – isn’t it the dream of thousands of Russian girls? Irina’s dream has come true: her husband is a successful Finnish architect; she lives in a comfortable, cozy home, she has a growing daughter - pretty clever adored by the father. What more could you want? But after a few years of marriage, Irina begins to realize that something snapped in the relationship ... and, after another argument with her husband, together with her daughter Irina goes to Russia.

Once in St. Petersburg without home, work and money, Irina is close to despair. But circumstances forced her to act, to fight for herself and for her child; it wakes up the energy, enterprise and fearlessness. Gradually, she is transformed from a quiet housewife into a bright, independent, and successful person. However, her ex-husband does not leave attempts to take the child to himself and once the girl disappears ...


Genre: action romance

Number of episodes: 8

Timeslot: Channel Russian One

Available as: format and finished program