Moscow yard

The events in the film start in 1937. Nicolay Zotov, a chief engineer of a large Moscow factory, learns by chance that he is to be arrested. He is confident in his innocence and ready to prove it. He considers the accident a provocation but his wife Lyudmila disagrees with him. She doesn’t doubt his innocence but there are so many instances when absolutely innocent people disappeared. So fearing for his life she persuades her husband to leave home.

Having moved to a quiet provincial town Nicolay finds a job of a mechanician at the local plant waiting for better days. He still doesn’t know that he has left his family for many years.

Nicolay’s wife is caught in a difficult situation being left with two little children, having no means of support and all the relatives turning their back on her. But for the help of the neighborhood, either words of encouragement or money, she would have hardly survived on her own. It was Zarda, an Aisor woman and a mother of a large family, who helped her the most.

This is the way the Zotovs live apart from each other meeting secretly from time to time and hiding from everyone, even beloved ones, not only Nicolay’s working place but even the fact of his existence.

The news concerning the war outbreak quenches Nicolay’s hope for meeting with his family soon. Risking his freedom Zotov goes to war as a volunteer.

Nicolay gets surrounded and finds himself in Belorussian forests. Gradually the Red Army men who are also surrounded unite in a troop led by Nicolay. His leadership skills enable him to make his troop a unit ready to fight. The troop battles its way to its own forces.

Along with ordeals at the war the life of the main character’s wife and the women from her neighborhood in Moscow is described. Their life is a difficult one, not righteous all the time but with a sacred aim, to keep their children safe.

People of various nationalities, different financial and social positions live in a small Moscow neighborhood but they all wish for the soonest Victory over the enemy.


Genre: Drama

Episodes: 8

Timeslot: Channel Russian One

Available as: format and finished program