Sea Patrol – 2

Sea Patrol follows everyday life of the police patrolling the Black Sea coast. Day and night three heroes, Captain Melnikov (Cap), Lieutenant Kovalchuk and Sergeant Davlatyan, drive around the territories they are in charge of in their powerboat.

Life in this place is hectic and restless. A jewelry shop is robbed; one policemen is wounded and now two criminals must be stopped on their way to leave the city by the sea. During a film festival two actors who took part in an action movie disappear, and their kidnappers must keep them on some boat. A body of a seaman from some Greek ship is found in the sea, and he was obviously attacked not by a human being, but by some unknown “sea monster.” Some wealthy yachts are robbed, including… a yacht of a thief in law.

All crimes and accidents in the sea is a field of the sea patrol. But it isn’t easy to identify an exact place of a crime by the water’s edge – if a body is found on a beach this doesn’t mean a person wasn’t killed on any boat. Conflicts with police are inevitable in such cases.

In the new season the patrol faces new accidents and collisions which ruin their health and nerves, but enure their character and enhance their friendship.     


Genre: criminal, adventures

Episodes: 12

Timeslot: Channel Russian One

Available as: format and finished program