The Slacker I Love

A protagonist Misha Vorobiev, an ad agency employee, is fired for a repeated failure to perform his job responsibilities. He enjoys his life and is attracted by dalliance; clubs, yachts, cars, and parties alone are on his mind. He changes girls like clothes. But Misha is not left unemployed for a long time: his ex-boss Pavel Petrovich, the ad agency’s CEO, decides to hire his former employee for another, quite unusual kind of job. Mikhail now has to teach Sergey, his ex-boss’s son, all life’s wisdoms and make a real man out of him. Accepting the job offer, Mikhail has no idea that great changes are in store for him. The most important thing is meeting his real love Marina, a theatre school student. But this beautiful girl’s parents want her to marry not the slacker Misha, but his wealthy student Serezha. Marina herself cannot decide what kind of marriage is better: a love match or a marriage of conviences?  

Based on the novel “Year of Deceit” by Andrey Gelasimov.

Genre: comedy/romance

Feature film