Love is not as looks

“Love is not as it looks” follows the story of Alisa Malyshkina, a nice and kind-hearted girl. But she has got an inferiority complex because of her weight… so she tries to find a man who will be able to love her the way she is. And the best way is to hide behind correspondence so that her beloved one would not see her in all her “beauty.”
Diploma with honors in Philology and her smart eyes are of little help to Alisa both in romantic relationship and in job search since the physical attractiveness means much in both cases. Her virtual life is another thing: she doesn’t have to justify anything and can easily be wise, sophisticated and appealing, and what’s more important she loves and is loved. Who is that mister Movie Buff with whom she chats in the web every day? Won’t he disappear when he meets her in person?     
When she has got used to handing out leaflets of a cake-shop hiding her plump figure in a giant doughnut costume and eating the doughnuts to stifle her loneliness Alisa unexpectedly gets a job in a creative department of “Knyazev’s Yard”, a job she could only dream about before.

But her rapid career growth will be the reason for her rivals’ dirty tricks and an emerging feelings towards the department head Artem Knyazev (Pavel Barshak) will run contrary to her platonic romance. Eventually she will realize that Artem is that very internet lover of hers but it will be too late: her best friend’s betrayal ruins her relationships with him. Will Alisa give up or struggle for her sweetheart? Will she experience a true feeling or become disappointed when she realizes that love is not as it looks?


Genre: romance

Episodes: 40

Timeslot: Channel STS

Available as: format and finished program