Captain Ryumin’s personnel file

The case Captain Ryumin is investigating will become his Personnel File since not only his close and loved ones but he as well will be involved in it.

Together with his teammate Severtsev, senior detective Ryumin is investigating the murder of the model Ingrid. The murder appears to be a mysterious ritual. At the same time doctor Vyazemskaya working at the Center for Forensic Psychiatry notices that her most dangerous patient, “mad Lisa”, is behaving in an extremely strange way. The wounds that the young woman has given herself are the same as the bloody marks on the victim’s body. Neither Ryumin nor Vyazemskaya, who were once in love with each other but could not be together, suspect that these events are connected. By a strange quirk of fate, they meet again and get trapped in a fatal whirlpool of passions becoming involved in a demonically sophisticated plan.

The second murder reveals a certain pattern; both victims posted their profiles on a dating site and both looked a lot like Lisa. That means the murderer is somehow connected to Lisa. But how? Ryumin studies the young woman’s past learning that her parents forcefully separated her with her brother Kirill when passion flared up between them. But trying to conceal the family disgrace the parents only made their own son turn against them and his forbidden feeling became an obsession.

Kirill understands that the only way to get Lisa out of the clinic is to make Ryumin use her as bait. The detective takes a risk but devises a scheme resorting to the help of makeup artists who make Vyazemskaya look like Lisa. Vyazemskaya goes to meet the killer but he somehow figures out the captain’s scheme. Kirill gets Lisa out of her unassailable ward leaving doctor Vyazemskaya there and no one notices this substitution.

Only at the last moment Ryumin realizes that Kirill is none other than his young teammate, Severtsev. They engage in a mortal struggle which the captain wins. But Lisa is still at liberty and her only goal is to take revenge for her brother so Ryumin and Vyazemskaya are to account for his death.

Genre: psychological thriller

Number of episodes: 8

Timeslot: Channel REN TV

Available as: format and finished program