Kolya, once trendy director of commercials, who is tired of paid projects, decides to make a real art.

Keeping his processor Fassbinder’s opinion that if the world cannot be changed it should be described at least in mind, Kolya is going to create a great Movie wandering around a maze of an endless world, shooting his investigations, and expanding the boundaries of a reality.

But to what extent is a person free in his activity? Kolya tries to provoke the reality (this reality is presented as different situations and characters) gradually destroying a usual world around. At some point Kolya starts thinking that it is not he who shoots the film, but someone else controls him. His activity is aimed at finding this creature – who is this manipulator? A scientist? A doctor? A writer? Or a devil himself?


Natasha, Kolya’s wife, a fellow Vadik, and all his production crew are involved in this comic and sometimes tragic search.


Will the shooting affect Kolya’s life, his relationship with his wife and other people? Kolya is tormented by delusion and ingenious insights. The film production turns into a story of Kolya’s life; being totally worn out by a struggle with a vanishing reality and himself, gripping desperately fading boundaries of his world and conscience, Kolya exceeds the bounds of the reality, on the other side to meet himself.


Directed by: Olga Darfi (Pigaleva)


Written by: Olga Darfi (Pigaleva)


Director of photography: Fedor Lyass


Music by: Ilya Yazov


Production designer: Daniil Dukhavin


A Russian World Studios Production


Year: 2008


Cast: Andrey Kuzichev, Maria Bekker, Vasily Brykov, Elena Morozova, Vladimir Skvortsov, Anfisa Chekhova, Denis Yasik