The Betrayal

Natalia's life is successful. At forty, she has everything women usually dream about. She has wonderful husband, the surgeon having a great respect in the city, two children, a good job and a beautiful figure. But once she finds out that the Sergey, her classmate, her first love, has come to the city. Natalia learned this by accident - a friend casually mentioned that she met him somewhere in the city - and did not give a great value to this event. And then Natalia run into Sergei on the street. They both were happy with such a meeting. They were standing, talking, and laughing for a long time... It turns out that Sergey returned to the city for good, he will work here now. Soon the family will move to him. Yes, he is also doing well. He has wife, and son. So they stood, exchanged phone numbers and ... left. But Natalia has started to wonder often, to answer questions of others absently. And Sergei after meeting with Natalia also fell into a strange state of pensive. After a couple of days after the clash with his housemates, Sergei went out of the house, loafed about on the streets, and called Natalia. Natalia realized that all this time she was waiting for this call. They decided to meet and suddenly they both realized that with irresistible force they are drawn to each other...

Genre: romance

Episodes: 8

Timeslot: Channel Russian One

Available as: format and finished program