Ivan & Tolyan

If two seemingly losers with an acute sense of justice are obsessed with the desire to uncover a crime of the century, they have nowhere to go but police. But too bad; one of them, Tolyan, cannot join the police because of his flat feet, and the other, Ivan, was actually hired but got fired after a booze incident. Now they have nothing else to do but to launch their own detective and security agency and in anticipation of high-profile cases deal with whatever comes to hand. While a newbie Tolyan is sure that soon they will be assigned something prestigious as the Russian gold reserves’ security, an experienced detective Ivan does not share his optimism. Both are striving for success and quick money but have to squeeze by rendering occasional services that even Lieutenant Columbo could hardly envy; catching a cheating wife, finding a stolen tape recorder or protecting an elderly woman from aliens. It seems that self-irony is their only way not to give up but in fact each of them has at least one more motivation; Tolyan wants to find those who have killed his parents and Ivan would like to prove he is no worse than the businessman his wife has run away with. Everything changes when an assistant Mila joins their agency. A professional thief hides behind her nice looks. She is being hunted at by a mafia don, Icon. Mila has stolen a mysterious black box from him thus setting up not only herself but her two friends that have given her shelter. There is an old stamp in the box worth 5 million dollars and Icon didn’t have it in his plans to lose such a treasure. Now all three of them are in mortal danger.


Genre: detective comedy serie

Episodes: 12

Available as: format and finished program