Anton Ponomaryov (Marat Basharov) devotes all his time and efforts to developing a conceptually new implant with the ability to speed up bone healing and help even in hopeless cases. However, scientific community does not appreciate Anton’s piece of work which causes Vedernikov (Alexander Samoilenko), head of Scientific Research Institute, to put Ponomarev’s laboratory under threat of being shut down. Fortunately, the situation is being hindu_en2.jpgresolved thanks to Anton’s old friend Leonid Lazarev (Egor Beroev), a successful businessman, who possesses broad connections in political and business circles. Childhood friends establish a joint venture to finish the implant development and perform its market launch. Leonid finds an Indian investor who is ready to support the venture. But the invention is to be tested earlier than planned. Anton’s tutor’s granddaughter suffers a terrible spinal cord injury. In order to save her Ponomarev at his own risk inserts the implant that has not been certified yet. The surgery goes well. Anton places a similar implant into his own arm in order to experience the same as his patient and be able to help her. Being full of hopes Anton flies to India to conduct negotiations but the plane crashes. Anton found miraculously alive but disfigured is taken to a local hospital where he is found out to suffer full memory loss. Sergei recognizes his friend but decides to conceal it in order to get his hands on the entire implant manufacturing business. Having protection of an influential Indian friend Sergei starts to perform implant surgeries. Many of them result in patients’ deaths… and only Anton who bears a clue to the puzzle in his arm can explain why… Anton’s way to happiness will be long and winding. Undergoing a plastic surgery, regaining memory and realizing who he is are in store for him. He will have to make a hard choice between his family left in Moscow who believes he is dead and his new Indian love, Maya. But the most complicated challenge he is to solve is to stop a succession of medical errors which he could partly be blamed for. Cast: Marat Basharov, Egor Beroev, Yekaterina Rednikova, Agniya Kuznetsova, Yuri Nazarov, Ivan Okhlobystin, Aleksandr Samoylenko, Ivar Kalnynsh, Yekaterina Vasilieva and others. Genre: Drama Episodes: 12