Anton Ponomaryov, a talented surgeon, has invented a conceptually new implant with the ability to speed up bone healing and help even in hopeless cases. Together with his friend Leonid he establishes a joint venture to finish the implant development and perform its market launch. Leonid has found an Indian corporation willing to fund the research. Anton, full of hopes, flies to India to conduct negotiations but the plane crashes. Anton, found miraculously alive but disfigured, is taken to a local hospital. Leonid identifies his friend, who has suffered a memory loss, but decides to conceal it in order to get his hands on the entire implant business. Under protection of his influential Indian friend, Leonid starts to perform implant surgeries. Many of them result in patients’ death and only Anton can explain the reason.



Genre: romance

Episodes: 12

Timeslot: Channel Russian One

Available as: format and finished program