Grown-up Children’s Games

All is fair in love and war! Pavel, one of the protagonists, sticks to this idea. He has fallen for 18-year-old Katya, a daughter of Irina, a horse stable owner. Pavel works at this stable as a vet. He invents different ways to attract Katya. Pavel is confident that he will succeed and finally date with Katya.

However, Pavel’s plans are shattered by Alexey whom Katya has found severely wounded and in dire need of medical aid at the road side. The girl takes Alexey to the stable begging Pavel to perform a surgery on him. Alexey’s coming disrupts the course of life of the stable’s inhabitants who reside far from other people. Katya, an extraordinary and strange girl, falls in love with Alexey who is eager to escape from this queer place. Pavel is enraged by Alexey and Katya’s sudden mutual feelings, he couldn’t expect such a turn of events! Irina is torn between her daughter and her love to Pavel. Little by little, passion, jealousy, and hatred entwine in this love square, and it seems that the characters will be led to an inevitable tragic outcome.  


Genre: psychological drama

Feature film