The sambo wrestler Igor Davydov has gained lots of victories and won medals but it is all in the past. Igor doesn’t fight any more, he now trains future champions. His friends call him simply Borisych, by his patronymic. Years ago Borisych wanted his son Denis to become a champion too. But manners changed with the times, Denis became a mobster. “I didn’t have a father, I had a trainer”, - goes Borisych’s son. When Borisych finds out his son’s occupation he says he has a son no more. 

One day Borisych sees a boy called Victor Stroyev in the yard. He gets attacked by other boys and tries to fight back. The trainer decides to take Victor under patronage. Borisych brings the boy to the sports club and explains that sambo is not a fight. Victor has to train, live by the law, never lie. Borisych meets Victor’s mother Lyudmila, they are attracted to each other. Just when Borisych really falls for Lyudmila she gets arrested by the police. The apartment of the professor Lyudmila helped around the house gets robbed, the professor is dead. Lyudmila is guilt by association. 

Borisych learns that it was his son who organized the robbery. It’s a no-win situation for Borisych. He can’t see his sweetheart suffer but he can’t hand his son over the police either. There’s only one way out – take the blame and go to jail. Just when Borisych is about to do so, Denis turns himself in.

Years pass. Borisych is still a trainer but now he’s got a future world champion in his team. Victor Stroyev is an MMA start in the making, Russian Hammer is what his fans call him. Victor has just won 12 fights in a raw. This is the beginning of a great career of a Russian Rocky! 

Victor shares his trainer’s destiny – very soon he will have to choose between love and honor. Victor will have to lose the world champion fight to save the woman he loves. 

Genre: sports drama

Length: 4 x 60 min 

Timeslot: primetime Available as: finished program