Breathe With Me

When Igor, PhD in Mathematics and a loving husband and father in the recent past, first sees beautiful and self-assured Karina, he falls in love as passionately as for the first time. Igor and Lana have lived together for ten years, but Igor leaves the family being confident he makes the right choice. Lana’s life, plans, habits and everything that means much for her collapse as a house of cards. Success changes to loss, love gives way to disappointment. You are ready to give everything you have to a beloved one, but he doesn’t see your sacrifice just because he is in love with another one.

An ex-wife Lana decides to start a new life. The divorce has made her stronger and what she has been through makes her reconsider her attitude towards life and become more confident and independent. Igor wants to marry Karina but she doesn’t have serious relationships and marriage in her plans. Moreover, Karina is in love but not with Igor. The man of her choice is Pyotr, a promising film director, smart and young. But there is one problem… Pyotr keeps another woman in his mind, and this woman is Lana.


Genre: melodrama  

Number of episodes: 20

Timeslot: Channel Russian

Available as: format and finished program