Breathe with me 2

A kindhearted, strong, righteous, loving Lana finally got what she deserved: the beloved Peter is beside her, ex-husband Igor forgave and let here go, Karina, despite the pregnancy, let Peter go and no longer spins intrigues. They even managed to come to an agreement on the future of the child - Karina demands nothing of Peter, he has a right to decide how much to be involved in the life of his unborn child.

 But everything changes when Karina gets into trouble and in the life of Lana returns the father who abandoned the family when she was a teenager. These two events again entangle everything in the relationships of Peter and Lana. Plus there are financial problems, and returned from Australia Igor suddenly starts to make a lot of money. There are doubts, distrust, half-truths, jealousy and a fear of losing hard-won happiness ...


Genre: melodrama  

Number of episodes: 16

Timeslot: Channel Russian

Available as: format and finished program  



Taking a Deep Breath

‘Breathe with Me. Borrowed Happiness’, the second season of the romance TV series by Russian World Studios, starts airing on Russia One March 11.