The Roadside House

A quiet and steady life of a successful young man literally goes downhill when, after losing control of his car on the wet highway, Aleksandr (Andrey Merzlikin) runs over a pedestrian. At first he wants to confess but it may lead to an investigation and he might be just a stone’s throw from a prison term. The wife (Kristina Kuzmina) tries to talk him out of it saying that no one saw anything so why should he ruin his well-settled life? Aleksandr gives in and decides to make this compromise with his conscience. He leaves the injured man by the hospital doors and returns home. However, guilt makes his life unbearable and he can’t forget about what he’s done. Aleksandr visits the hospital where he meets the injured man’s young wife, Lyuba (Tatiana Cherkasova). Remorse and compassion are an explosive mix. Aleksandr decides to take care of the grief-stricken young woman and suddenly realizes that he wouldn’t describe his feeling towards the victim’s wife as compassion. What should he do? If he doesn’t tell the truth, his whole life will become one big lie. If he tells her that he was the cause of the tragedy, he will lose his first and only true love he found. To lose his love or compromise his conscience, what will be his lesser evil?


Genre: drama

Feature film

Awards, nominations, festivals

Golden Eagle

Silver Griffin Award – XX International Festival of the Festivals (2012)