Hen party

This is an 8-episode drama with elements of a detective and a romantic comedy. Former college mates, Katya, Vika, Lyuba and Marusya, have been best friends for almost fifteen years. A long time ago they all graduated from the Moscow State University Department of Journalism but now only Katya (Natalya Kurdyubova) is professionally engaged in journalism. Vika (Lyubov Tolkalina) and Lyuba (Elena Panova) are successful businesswomen, while Marusya (Elvira Bolgova) ended up as a “working housewife.” They often meet and talk and never fail to help one another in need. The friends have their own tradition of throwing a hen party regularly.

However, it turns out that each of the four friends encounters a difficulty on the hen party’s eve. Vika loses her child and breaks up with her boyfriend. Katya leaves her husband upon learning that he took advantage of her name and authority on TV. Lyuba who banished her extraordinary but coward Japanese husband two years ago experiences another disappointment in men. Finally, a patient and devoted Marusya takes her two little children and leaves her husband of ten years.

Will these women manage to overcome all the difficulties, forget their disappointments and throw another careless hen party someday?

They represent four different personalities, four distinct lives but TV viewers will recognize themselves in each of them crying and laughing along with them because they have been through the same.

Cast: Lyubov Tolkalina, Elvira Bolgova, Elena Panova, Natalia Kurdyubova, Andrei Kuzichev, Igor Bochkin, Aleksandr Yatsko, Boris Shevchenko

Genre: Drama

Episodes: 8