The Matter of Honor

"The Matter of Honor" is a family saga. In the center of the story there are two brothers, John and Alexander Nazarov. In the early 90's the Nazarov family moved from the province to Moscow in hope of a better life. The father of the family, gaining debts, opens the shop. The shop is robbed. Nazarovs are ruined. Father in despair commits suicide, and his mother is going crazy.

The brothers realize that their parents have fallen victim to the intrigues arranged by criminal loan sharks. The two decide to take revenge, but choose different paths to this: Ivan joins the Mafia to fight it from the inside, and Alexander becomes the lawyer setting a goal – to fight the underworld through the law.

In addition to the criminal element a melodramatic one develops as well: Ivan and Alexander fall in love with the same women – resulting in their relationship becoming complicated, contradictory and confusing.

 The brothers argue, and make up, sometimes they are on opposing sides – but in critical moments they come to each other’s aid.


Genre: criminal drama

Number of episodes: 20

Timeslot: NTV

Available as: format and finished program



RWS and WeiT Media are in production of A Matter of Honor.

Russian World Studios (RWS) and WeiT Media group of companies proceed with a principal photography of a 20-episode family saga A Matter of Honor starring the Chadov brothers...