The Gift

The main character of the series is Ksenia Rodina (17 years old) meets a great tragedy in the day of her school graduation party. Her grandfather, who brought her up and with whom she lived in the Ozercy village in Yaroslavl region, dies in the fire. Before his death grandfather tells Ksenia that her father, who, as she thought, died many years ago, is alive. Grandfather also tells her that she is having some gift. After saying this he dies.

Ilya Gordeev, the officer of EMERCOM, commiserating for Ksenias’ grief, gives her his contacts in Moscow.

After her grandfather is dead, her fellow, Romka Moskalenko persuades Ksenia to go to Moscow. Ksenia goes with Roma hoping to find her father in the capital.

After moving to Moscow Ksenia, at first time, totally relies on Romka (who is, besides, overexcited by being in the capital). He has already forgotten he wanted to get married with Ksenia. Now he is in love with Diana Potapova – oligarch’s daughter. Trying to impress Diana Romka spends all his and Ksenias’ savings. Ksenia breaks up with Romka. In such a desperate situation, Ksenia recalls Ilya.

She calls him and Ilya offers her help, invites Ksenia to visit him. Near his house Ksenia suddenly ”foresees” a boy dying after the blow of bottle with chemicals. After this Ksenia notices that boy and manages to push him away from the bottle in the very last moment before the blow. The boy is safe but Ksenia is wounded – the splinter of the blown bottle hits her head.

The boy – a prankster and a dreamer – is called Danila. He turns out to be the brother of Ilya. Ksenia gets to consciousness in the living room of Gordeevs family. The first thing she sees after coming to mind is a manful face of Ilya. The very same moment of time she fells in love with him.

Ksenia meets the Gordeev family. Yacov (Jacob) Gordeev – famous neurosurgeon. His wife Elena Gordeeva – a housewife. Ilya, has one more brother besides Danila – Kostya (26 years old) – glamorous fashion photographer.

Meanwhile Ekaterina Pavlovskaya is determined to destroy the Gordeev family. 20 years ago her father has died while being operated by Gordeev. After his death Kate’s mother has gone mad and Kate was sent to orphanage house. Kate has grown up dreaming of the revenge to the one who killed her father and ruined her life. Now the time for it has come.

Kate moves to the house next to Gordeevs. She manages to make Ilya fall in love with her and starts playing with him,  either loving him back or paying him no attention. Due to their relations Kate gathers information about their family. She targets for the family secrets she could use against them and finds out that Kostya and Ilya are adopted children.

Ksenia makes peace with Romka. Together they rent a room in a big flat with lots of other roomers, where they have to sleep on a bunk bed. Very soon Ksenia meets Stasya (her neighbor) and they become best friends.

Ksenia begins to search for her father. In the university her parents used to educate she finds no clues, but the address of the man who had a romance with her mother. The man is sure that her father is dead, but promises to check his archives again.

 The father of Ksenia, Alexey Malytin works for oligarch Potapov (the same person, Romka wants to be employed with) for twenty years. Many years ago Malytin (former Rodin) and Potapov arrived to Moscow from Ozercy. Potapov dreamed of getting rich and Malytin found out that he can predict the future. Together they had arranged many illegal businesses. Malytin still works for Potapov. He had deliberately chosen the “dark side of force”. Once Malytin has a vision – he understands that Ksenia is searching for him and they both are at death’s door. Malytin fabricates evidences of his death.

Becoming sure that her father is dead Ksenia wants to return to Ozercy but her love to Ilya makes her stay in Moscow.

Romka, thanks to his resourcefulness, manages to get a job at Potapov’s organization. He loves Diana stronger and stronger, not noticing that she is simply using him.

Ilya and Ksenia meet often. Elena Gordeeva had noticed that Ksenia makes well with Danila and offers her to become his tutor.

Kostya also likes Ksenia. He meets with Diana, they have free relations – friendship and sex. Once a day they make a bet that Kostya will seduce Ksenia in a few days. Kostya starts to work out his plan, but it doesn’t work with Ksenia. She notices no men but Ilya and suffers, seeing how he is attracted with Kate.

Kate makes her first strike: she arranges that Ilya and Kostya find out that they were adopted. They react differently Kostya, who had always thought that he is not good enough, comparing with his father makes a scene and leaves the house. Ilya accepts this news much easier.

Stasya offers Ksenia to work in a Magic Salon. At first Ksenia rejects the offer. She is scared with her new abilities. But Stasya manages to persuade her saying that she will be able to help people.

Meanwhile Kostya gets more and more excited with Ksenia. He breaks up his relations with Diana, so that Ksenia didn’t know about it.

Stasya and Ksenia work in magic salon of prophesier Vasilisa. The gift of Ksenia becomes stronger. She understands the main point: people face the choice everyday and sometimes this choice is very dramatic. The gift of Ksenia is to know (see, understand) the choice the person will face, but she can not influence either the decisions the person will make or the consequences of this choice. Ksenia also discovers the back side of her gift – rather often people don’t believe Ksenia and she sees how they bring themselves to ruin.

…With help of Malytin Potapov finds out about the coming audit of one of his organizations. Potapov decides to find a figurehead and offers his sister’s husband a job. Philip agrees and, unexpectedly to him, gets imprisoned.

Ksenia has a new vision. She sees that if Ilya will continue his relations with Kate he will face a trouble. But Ilya doesn’t take Ksenia for serious. He considers it as a simple heartburn. They explain their feelings to each other. Ilya says Ksenia that he really appreciates her, but loves another woman.

Kate finds out that she is pregnant. Her lover Vadim is really happy with it. He offers Kate to get married and leave the city. Kate doesn’t want to refuse from the revenge. She tells Ilya about her pregnancy.

Potapov decides to get divorced with Alisa. The problem is that most of his property, according to the papers he has signed, officially belongs to Alisa. Potapov pretends that he still loves Alisa in order to get enough time to make all the necessary changes in the documents and take back all the belongings. Alisa doesn’t know about it and thinks that Potapov really adores her. But Malytin shows her the truth. For the first time in many years he is in love. Alisa demands that Potapov help Philip to get out from the prison, but he doesn’t want to do it. He threatens Alisa and demands for divorce.

Stasya has a plan – to start her own salon, but she needs money for it. She decides to use Ksenia’s gift for getting money. They get a jackpot in a TV program – a million of rubles.

Stasya goes for a date with her ex-boyfriend, but it turns out that he has no feelings to her. He saw her winning the TV-show and wants to borrow some money. Disappointed Stasya gets back home and meets Romka who tries to calm her down. Unexpectedly they have sex but later Romka says Stasya that it means nothing for him

Ksenya feels guilty for taking the prize. She had a vision that it will cause terrible consequences. A tragedy really takes place: Alisa gets into a car accident and now is in coma. Two drug-addicts search for Ksenia knowing she has won a TV-show. Then they are trying to rob her Kostya arrives. He is a bit drunk and wants to explain his feelings to Ksenia. Ilya also comes to help them. Both brothers get wounded.

Kostya looses vision and even his father doesn’t take a responsibility of operating him. Kostya is ready for suicide but Ksenia doesn’t let him do it. She tells Kostya that she loves him and they spend a night together.

Meanwhile Diana, being bored, seduces Romka and he now thinks that they are couple. For to get rid of a tiresome admirer Diana tells him about her and Kostya’s bet for Ksenia.

Ksenia decides that her gift brings only troubles to people. She thinks that if she is unable to make a correct choice herself and help people she should refuse from it. She asks Malytin for advice but he can’t help her despite his abilities.

Romka has problems with his work. Situation is getting even more difficult considering that both his girlfriends – Stasya and Diana - are pregnant. Trying to escape from problems Romka returns to Ozercy where he understands that Stasya is the one he wants to be with. Stasya finds out that Diana is also pregnant from Romka. She can’t forgive it to Romka, so she kicks him out of the flat.

Ksenia is shocked finding out that Kostya had a bet about her, but Kostya understands that she is ready to forgive him so he deliberately makes it even more painful for her ensuring Ksenia that he never loved her, that he had sex with Diana the night before he was with Ksenia. Ksenia escapes from him. Kostya is very worried but he is sure that it will make better for Ksenia: she will survive their parting and find another men, not the blind handicapped one.

Nevertheless they continue thinking of each other. Trying to escape the love, Kostya offers Diana to become his wife and mother of her future child. Diana agrees.

Meanwhile Kate has serious problems with Vadim. He madly jealousies her to Ilya after he understands they had spent a night together. In the heat of their quarrel comes Ilya. The strife begins between them and Vadim takes a gun. Kate hits his head and Vadim dies. Ilya takes the blame for the murder.

Alisa comes to consciousness – after apparent death she understands she wants to start a new life, free life, full of love and happiness. She tells Potapov she files for divorce. Potapov is furious, for he is one who can leave his wife, not she. He tries to hold her, but Alisa wants to get a divorce and even more – she wants to get everything, her husband owns her.

Kate discovers that Potapov has compromising documents for Yakov Gordeev and is intended to get it. She finds Alisa and offers her the services of a lawyer for a divorce process. Alisa agrees…

Kate is more and more in love with Ilya. She suffers understanding that he is being charged for the murder he is not responsible for. She confesses the investigator that she is the murderer. Ilya is made free.

Though Kate doesn’t stay in a jail for long – the investigation comes to the decision that she acted self-defending.  

Kate gets back to Alisa’s case and understands that she can influence Potapov. She offers him a deal: she arranges an appropriate for Potapov result of a divorce process as an exchange for compromising documents for Gordeev. Potapov agrees.

But Kate is already in love with Ilya and understands that revenge is not the way she must follow. Kate faces a choice – to complete her revenge or refuse from it.

Kate comes to Yacov and tells him all the truth about her. He is shocked but listens to her. Kate informs him about the papers she has on him. Yacov tells Kate he will leave the decision for her. Ilya unexpectedly becomes the witness of the meeting. At last he knows everything about Kate.

Kate leaves, destroying the comprising documents.

Malytin confesses Ksenia that he is her father. Ksenia is happy. She had always felt that Malytin is somehow close to her. But will they manage to become real relatives?

Ksenia practices to control her gift.

Malytin and Alisa tell each other about their love. The only thing Malytin can’t help her with is to free Philipp from jail. If Malytin gives a statement against Potapov – he will arrange lots of problems to Alisa or Ksenia.

Alisa gets a divorce from Potapov. Without Malytin’s help his business soon meets problems. Once he gets to a situation when he must chose between scrip or prison. He finds Ksenia and threatens her to make her predict future for him. Ksenia makes a prediction according to which Potapov will loose anything despite what choice he will make…

Ksenia turns out to be right. Potapov is soon sent to jail. Alisa stays with Malytin. He finally looses his gift (which goes to Ksenia) and learns to leave a life of simple man, with all the grief, love and happiness simple people have…

Romka decides to win Stasya’s heart but she is not ready to forgive him that easy. She knows he never loved her for true. Romka is determined to prove Stasya that he is worth her. He finds a job and starts helping Stasya with her business. Step by step she starts feeling that she is really important for him.

Kate finds out that she has inherited the disease what killed her father who had no chances against it 20 years ago and so even Gordeev couldn’t rescue him. But since those days the neurosurgery had seriously developed. Now Gordeev can save her life. He operates Kate and she recovers.

Anyway Ilya is not ready to forgive her. Kate leaves Moscow still loving Ilya.

On the weddings eve Kostya and Diana come to conclusion that they are not ready for marriage. Kostya still loves Ksenia, so they cancel the wedding.

Kostya tells Ksenia of her love and Ksenia admits she loves him too. 


Genre: drama 

Episodes: 110

Timeslot: Russian One

Available as: format and finished program