Saxophone Solo

Even the all-powerful helmsmen of this world have their Achilles' heel.  Vladislav Lavrov, the owner of powerful building empire is all lucky – his business is thriving, his beautiful wife makes a fantastic career on the stage; and his beloved daughter – on TV.

Once, in a Lavrov’s house appears his old friend, Alex Frolov. He is poor, terminally ill, has a nickname of Sasha the sax for a virtuoso playing the instrument. Once they studied together, were friends and were in love with the same woman.

 And that man coughing blood who hardly can stand, one day completely destroys a rock-solid and well-adjusted life.

What is the secret uniting the former criminal and construction magnate?


 Genre: drama

Episodes: 4

Timeslot: Channel One

Available as: format and finished program 






We played A Saxophone Solo!

Russian World Studios wrapped up principal photography of A Saxophone Solo