As the Americans say, "Before you buy a house – make friend with your neighbor."

As we say: "The neighbor's cow died – something for nothing."

The action of comedy takes place in the elite village, located about twenty kilometers from the city of Chugunsk. On the idea of ​​the construction company, the village had to become a local "Rublevka." But the crisis broke out, and the company went bankrupt, having managed to build only two cottages. “Lucky” to get just these two cottages in the wilderness were our heroes: a Russian family of Polevoy and American family of Shankly.

Thus the funny and difficult relationship between the two different families and different mentalities begin. For the Polevoys Shankly are stupid, fat, "the Americans." For Shankly Polevoys are, like all Russian, wild drunken communists. Domestic disputes are similar to the Cold War. As "weapon of deterrence" is the necessary in home utilities: in the Polevoy’s piece of land there is the common water supply valve, on the territory of Shankly - a common electrical switch. Each time when the neighborly relations come to an edge each family threatens to use its "weapon", but every time common sense wins... because if for many years to come your neighbors is the only single family, there is just no better neighbors to find!


Genre: сomedy

Episodes: 16

Available as: format and finished program