Pure gold

You never know what you will find… Yulia, a humble soil scientist, had no idea that her investigation in the outskirts of a small Siberian town would trigger such a surprising result. Absolutely unexpectedly she is mugged and her soil samples that don’t seem valuable are taken away. The only witness of what has happened dies under quite mysterious circumstances and his friend Andrei sets out to find the guilty ones. He takes liking to Yulia after meeting her and helps the young woman to confront the District Police Department Head known as Sheriff. Enjoying unlimited influence over everything, Sheriff tries to make Yulia and then Andrei leave the town, arranging false evidence against him and accusing him of the murder. Andrei manages to escape this persecution by a narrow margin. At first Yulia and Andrei don’t understand the reason for such cruelty. Then during the investigation they have launched they find the stolen soil samples containing grains of gold of such purity which doesn’t exist in nature. News of the precious metal spreads around the town when Yulia’s stolen route map where she has marked the discovery place ends up at a black market. This initiates a true gold rush. Yulia and Andrei engage in the search and soon they discover a previous development of a brickworks factory with a concealed shop for cleaning and removing impurities which still operates. Much to their surprise, Sheriff covers the illegal factory activities. He is merely a pawn in the hands of a more powerful person whose identity will turn out as an unexpected surprise and a true danger to the lives of Yulia and Andrei.


Genre: action detective

Episodes: 8

Timeslot: Channel One

Available as: format and finished program